07.31.2017:  Anchored at Belfast, Maine.

07.30.2017:  Anchored at Rockland, Maine.

07.29.2017:  Transmission fixed!

07.20.2017 15:00:  Anchored at 43.7386093N, 70.0392303W, Basin Point, Potts Harbor, Harpswell, Maine.  Moon Shadow hip-towed Blue Moon into the harbor.

07.20.2017 10:20:  Transmission failed at 42.38.807N, 69.55.335W.  Sail ho!

07.19.2017 17:00:  Anchored at 43.5493°N, 70.2392°W, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

07.17.2017 17:00:  Anchored at 42.6108N, 70.6560W, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

07.15.2017 13:24:  Anchored at 42.0385°N, 70.1866°W, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

07.13.2017 15:49:  Anchored at 41.4259N, 70.9246W, Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts.

07.12.2017 16:32:  Anchored at 41.068828N, 71.92289W, Lake Montauk, Long Island, New York.

07.11.2017 17:22:  Anchored at 40.9674416°N, 73.0832901°W, Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York.

07.10.2017 17:43:  Anchored at 40.795455N, 73.755462, Saddle Point, New York.

07.10.2017 16:30: Docklines slipped. Headed to Belfast Maine. Captain Jason single handing.

06.28.2017 13:00:  Docked at 40º44N, 074º00W, Chelsea Piers, Pier 59, New York, New York.  Back where it all began!

05.22.2017 09:15:  Moored at 40º47’421N, 073º59’064W, 79th Street Boat Basin, New York, New York.  1708 nautical miles, 255hrs underway, 13 days travel, 1 mahi caught, 2 warships averted.  Home sweet home!

05.22.2017 06:00:  Docked at Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey.  Fuel!

05.20.2017 20:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to New York.

05.19.2017 14:20:  Anchored at 38º47’857N, 075º06’613W, Delaware Bay.  Battened down for a storm.

05.09.2017 18:30:  Mooring lines dropped.  Headed to New York.

04.03.2017 15:00:  Moored at 19N, 081W, Grand Cayman.

04.01.2017 11:15:  Anchors up.  Headed to Cayman.  Best passage yet.  18-22 knots of wind just ahead of the beam.  352nm in 52hrs.  Best average speed ever – 6.76knots.  Best 24 hours ever – 167nm.  Sail ho!

04.01.2017 09:00:  Snorkel at Low Cay.

04.01.2017 07:00  Anchors up.  Headed to Cayman.

03.26.2017 13:30:  Anchored at 13º22’833N, 081º22’312W, Providencia, Colombia.

03.23.2017 18:30: Anchors up.  Headed to Providencia.  No wind.  Low seas.  Long motor.

03.20.2017:  Anchored at 09º19’95N, 082º14’75W, Bocas Town, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.19.2017:  Anchored at 09º20’75N, 082º12’65W, Old Bank, Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.16.2017:  Anchored at 09º19’95N, 082º14’75W, Bocas Town, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.12.2017 16:45:  Anchored at 09º20’760N, 082º12’680W, Old Bank, Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.11.2017 15:00:  Anchored at 09º20N, 082º14W, Bocas Town, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.10.2017 16:15:  Anchored at 09º24’245N, 082º19’486W, Starfish Bay, Bocas del Drago, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

03.10.2017:  Captain CC On Board!

03.02.2017 15:55:  Anchored at 09º19’952N, 082º14’751W, Bocas Town, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.23.2017 07:00:  Anchored at 09º20’751N, 082º12’646W, Old Bank, Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.17.2017 15:37: Anchored at 09º19’971N, 082º14’764W, Bocas Town, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.17.2017 13:30: Anchors up.

02.17.2017 10:30: Anchored at 09º19’512N, 082º13’586W, Hospital Point, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.17.2017 09:00: Anchors up.

02.16.2017 16:45: Anchored at 09º22’279N, 082º16’581W, Big Bight, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.16.2017 10:00: Anchors up. Day trip to Bocas.

02.15.2017 10:38: Anchored at 09º24’247N, 082º19’470W, Bocas del Drago (Starfish Bay), Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.15.2017 06:30: Anchors up.

02.14.2017 14:10: Anchored at 09º14’719N, 082º08’761W, Macca Bite, Bastamientos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.14.2017 12:20: Anchors up.

02.14.2017 10:20: Anchored at 09º15’801N, 082º03’479W, Zapatillas, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.14.2017 08:30: Anchors up.

02.13.2017 12:45: Anchored at 09º14’408N, 082º08’528W, Coral Cay, Bastamientos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.13.2017 08:30: Anchors up.

02.12.2017 17:15: Anchored at 09º18’746N, 082º11’701W, Twin Creek, Bocas del Toro, Panama. Deep in the mangroves.

02.12.2017 15:00: Anchors up.

02.10.2017 16:00: Anchored at 09º19’840N, 082º10’746W, Red Frog, Bastamientos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.10.2017 15:00: Anchors up.

02.09.2017 14:00: Anchored at 09º20’754N, 082º12’594W, Old Bank, Bastamientos, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.09.2017 10:00: Anchors up. Headed out to fly the new spinnaker!

02.08.2017: Rebecca Behr on board!

02.05.2017 16:15: Anchored at 09º19’994N, 082º14’697W, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

02.04.2017 04:45:  Anchors up.  Headed to Bocas!

01.26.2017 15:00:  Anchored at 09º33’310N, 079º39’717W, Portobelo, Panama.

01.26.2017 14:30:  Anchors up.

01.26.2017 08:30:  Anchored at 09º33’663N, 079º40’882W, Portobelo, Panama.

01.26.2017 08:00:  Anchors up.  Headed out of the bay to make water, swim and scrub the waterline!


01.21.2017 17:00:  Anchored at 09º33’450N, 079º39’581W, Portobelo, Panama.

01.21.2017 10:00:  Docklines slipped.

01.05.2017 11:00: Docked at 09º22’010N, 079º57’076W, Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama.

01.05.2017 06:55: Anchors up.

01.04.2017 08:27: Anchored at 09º33’407N, 079º39’506W, Portobelo, Panama.

01.03.2017 16:35: Anchors up. Headed to mainland Panama.

01.03.2017 09:00: Anchored at 09º31’109N, 078º38’870W, Coco Banderas, Guna Yala, Panama. Lobster Hunting!

01.03.2017 08:20: Anchors up.

01.02.2017 12:15: Anchored at 09º30’740N, 078º37’032W, Coco Banderas, Guna Yala, Panama.

01.02.2017 10:30: Anchors up at 10:30.

01.01.2017 14:45: Anchored at [º’N, º’W]

01.01.2017 06:25: Anchors up.




12.31.2016: First time wearing shoes since 12.04.2016!

12.29.2016 15:15: Anchored at 09º30’436N, 078º47’617W, Salardup, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.29.2016 13:30: Anchors up. 7.5 knots, wind on the beam. Sail ho!

12.16.2016 13:00: Anchored at 09º34’529N, 078º51’315W, Yansaladup, Eastern Lemon Cays, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.16.2016 12:00: Anchors up.

12.11.2016 12:45: Anchored at 09º33’689N, 078º51’757W, Bandeup Island, Eastern Lemon Cays, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.11.2016 10:00: Anchors up.

12.08.2016 13:00: Anchored at 09º35’276N, 078º40’878W, Swimming Pool, Cayos Holandes, Guna Yala, Panama. Reunited with buddy boats Livin Life, Slow Flight and Stella Polaris!

12.08.2016 06:15: Anchors up. Headed to Cayos Holandes.

12.07.2016 12:20: Anchored at 09º21’940N, 078º15’450W, Aridup Island, Guna Yala, Panama. Dolphins swimming in the anchorage with Jason!

12.07.2016 06:30: Anchors up. Headed to Aridup.

12.06.2016 13:30: Anchored at 09º07’778N, 077º55’718W, Usutupu Island, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.06.2016 10:30: Anchors up. Headed to Usutupu.

12.06.2016 08:40: Anchored at 09º03’221N, 077º46’062W, Iguana Island, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.06.2016 07:30: Anchors up. Headed to Iguana Island.

12.03.2016 13:30: Land Ho! Arrived to Isla Pinos, Guna Yala/San Blas, Panama. Anchored at 08º59’794N, 077º45’535W, Isla Pinos, Guna Yala, Panama.

12.02.2016 06:30: Docklines slipped. Headed to Panama. Sail 09.14.2016-12.01.2016: On the hard, Manzanillo Marina Club, Cartagena, Colombia.

08.28.2016 10:30:  Anchored at 10º24’664N, 075º32’562, Cartagena, Colombia.

08.23.2016 16:30:  Anchors up.  Headed to Colombia.  507nm, 114hrs, low winds, lots of commercial traffic, 1 engine saltwater leak, 1 squall, 3 stowaways, lots of dolphins, dolphins lit by bioluminesce!

08.18.2016 12:25:  Anchored at 12º04’843N, 068º51’760W, Spanish Waters, Curacao.

08.18.2016 08:25:  Anchors up.  Headed to Curacao.

08.17.2016 11:40:  Anchored at 11º58’999N, 068º38’728W, Klein Curacao.

08.17.2016 06:20:  Mooring lines dropped.  Headed to Klein Curacao.  Dolphins!

08.10.2016 12:00:  Left marina. Moored at 12º09’569N, 068º18’936W, Kralendjik, Bonaire.

06.16.2016 16:10:  Docked at 12º09’864N, 068º17’117W, Harbor Village Marina, Bonaire.

06.16.2016 09:00:  Mooring lines dropped.  Headed to Klein Bonaire to dive, then marina.

06.07.2016:  Day trip to dive north end and Klein Bonaire.

06.01.2016:  Day trip to dive south end.

05.23.2016 12:00:  Moored at 12º09’183N, 068º16’724W, Kralendjik, Bonaire.

05.20.2016 03:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Bonaire.  414nm, 81hrs, 1 gale, 1 squall, tons of flying fish, no traffic until near landfall.

05.19.2016 14:20:  Anchored at 18º06’612N, 065º34’706W, Playa Punta Arenas, Vieques, Puerto Rico.  3 year anniversary of the day we met!  Last preparations for passage.

05.19.2016 09:20:  Anchors up.  Headed to Vieques to stage for passage.

05.18.2016 15:15:  Anchored at 18º20’192N, 065º37’320W, Isleta Marina, Puerto Rico.

05.18.2016 14:30:  Docklines slipped.  Headed to Isleta Marina.

05.17.2016 09:15:  Docked at 18º20’192N, 065º37’119W, slip C51, Sunbay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

05.17.2016 09:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Sunbay Marina.

05.15.2016 14:15:  Anchored at 18º20’253N, 065º37’294W, Isleta Marina, Puerto Rico.

05.15.2016 08:30:  Anchors up.  Headed to Fajardo.

05.14.2016 16:05:  Anchored at 18º05’557N, 065º28’411W, Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico.

05.14.2016 07:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Vieques.  Beautiful downwind sail.  Dolphins!  Turtles!

05.13.2016 14:40:  Anchored at 17º44’042N, 065º53’494W, Rainbow Beach, Frederiksted, St Croix. USVI.

05.13.2016 14:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Rainbow Beach.

05.13.2016 10:15:  Anchored at 17º45’026N, 064º53’592W, Butler Bay, Frederiksted, St Croix, USVI.

05.13.2016 09:25:  Anchors up.  Headed to Butler Bay to dive.

05.09.2016 12:50:  Anchored at 17º42’979N, 064º53’166W, Frederiksted, St Croix, USVI.

05.09.2016 04:30:  Anchors up.  Headed to St Croix.  Beautiful sail.

05.08.2016 13:21:  Anchored at 18º19’939N, 064º56’327W, Hassel Island, St Thomas, USVI.

05.08.2016 12:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Hassel Island.

05.07.2016 18:00:  Anchored at 18º20’361N, 064º58’825, Brewer’s Bay, St Thomas, USVI.

05.07.2016 13:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to St Thomas.  Beautiful sail with wind on the beam out of the south, then slog right into it.

05.06.2016 16:15:  Moored at 18º19’121N, 065º13’693W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.  4 Island Packets moored together!

05.06.2016 15:15:  Mooring dropped.  Headed into the bay of Culebrita.

05.06.2016 13:30:  Moored at 18º18’880N, 065º13’968W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.  Dove the Slope.

05.06.2016 12:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to Culebrita.

05.05.2016 16:45:  Anchored at18º18’249N, 065º17’942W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

05.05.2016 15:30:  Mooring dropped.  Headed to Dewey.

05.05.2016 12:15:  Moored at 18º17’502N, 065º15’860W, Bahia Mosquito, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

05.05.2016 11:30:  Anchors up.  Headed to Buoy #6 to dive.

05.02.2016 06:00: Drop Deke off at CPX.

05.01.2016 16:45: Anchored at 18º18’249N, 065º17’942W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

05.01.2016 16:00: Matching racing with Felix on Sajori.

05.01.2016 15:15: Mooring dropped. Headed to Culebra.

05.01.2016 13:05: Moored at 18º18’982N, 065º14’096N, Culebrita, Puerto Rico. Snorkel!

05.01.2016 09:30: Mooring dropped. Headed out for a sail. Dolphins!

04.29.2016-04.30.2016: Beach days! Hiking, Frisbee, Beach Ball, Swimming.

04.29.2016 11:00: Moored at 18º19’197N, 065º13’612W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.

04.29.2016 09:00: Anchors up. Headed to Culebrita.

04.27.2016 13:15: Anchored at 18º18’213N, 065º17’893W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.27.2016 11:00: Mooring ball dropped.

04.27.2016 07:15: Moored at 18º19’398N, 065º19’730W, Punta Tamarindo Grande, Culebra, Puerto Rico. Hiked to Flamenco Beach.

04.27.2016 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to mooring ball.

04.26.2016 16:30: Anchored at 18º19’304N, 065º19’504W, Bahia Tamarindo, Culebra, Puerto Rico. Rolly.

04.26.2016 11:00: Docklines slipped. Headed to Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.25.2016: Deke on board!

04.25.2016 08:15: Docked at 18º20’311N, 065º37’920W, Sun Bay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

04.25.2016 08:00: Anchors up. Headed to Sun Bay Marina.

04.24.2016 12:00: Anchored at 18º20’4N, 065º37’2W, Isleta Marina, Puerto Rico.

04.24.2016 08:00: 5000nm since New York in November 2014!!!

04.23.2016: Drop Ruben and Regina at the ferry.

04.22.2016 16:00: Anchored at 18º18’211N, 065º17’918W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.22.2016 14:00: Mooring ball dropped.

04.22.2016 10:45: Moored at 18º19’118N, 065º13’771W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.

04.22.2016 08:30: Anchors up.

04.21.2016 15:00: Anchored at 18º18’211N, 065º17’918W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.21.2016 14:00: Mooring ball dropped.

04.21.2016 09:00: Moored at 18.30, 065.27, Bahia Mosquito, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.21.2016 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to dive site.

04.19.2016 17:20: Anchored at 18º18’104N, 065º18º283W, Bahia de Sardinas, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.19.2016 13:00: Caught a tuna!

04.19.2016 11:00: Docklines slipped. Headed to Culebra.

04.18.2016: Dropped Siepkers at SJU. Ruben and Regina on board!

04.17.2016 10:45: Docked at 18º20’305N, 065º37’912W, Sunbay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

04.17.2016 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to Fajardo. No wind! Dolphins!

04.16.2016 12:00: Anchored at 18º06’593N, 065º34’690W, Playa Punta Arenas, Vieques, Puerto Rico.

04.16.2016 10:10: Anchors up. No wind!

04.12.2016-04.16.2016: Stayed on land in Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico.

04.11.2016 13:00: Anchored at 18º05’570N, 065º28’404W, Puerto Real, Vieques, Puerto Rico.

04.11.2016 11:00: Anchors up. Headed to Esperanza.

04.10.2016 14:30: Anchored at 18º07’471N, 065º21’418W, Ensenada Honda, Vieques, Puerto Rico. Frank G. Siepker Sr: “This is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been.”

04.10.2016 10:00: Anchors up. Headed to Vieques.

04.08.2016 17:35: Anchored at 18º18’258N, 065º17’874W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.08.2016 16:10: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Culebra.

04.08.2016 10:30: Moored at 18º18’878N, 065º13’973W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.

04.08.2016 07:30: Anchors up. Headed to Culebrita.

04.06.2016: Brita to the Culebra ER for an ear infection. Ouch.

04.06.2016 11:00: Anchored at 18º18’278N, 065º17’940W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

04.06.2016 09:00: Anchors up. Headed to Culebra.

04.05.2016 14:00: Anchored at 18º19’213N, 065º13’708W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.

04.05.2016 11:30: Docklines slipped. Headed to Puerto Rico. No wind!

04.04.2016: Dropped Michael at STT. Frank and Barbara Siepker on board!

04.04.2016 09:00: Docked at 18º20’049N, 064º57’103W, Crown Bay Marina, St Thomas, USVI.

04.03.2016 23:30: Anchors up. Headed to St Thomas.

04.03.2016 12:30: Anchored at 17º45’032N, 064º53’592W, Butler Bay, St Croix, USVI.

04.03.2016 11:30: Anchors up. Headed to dive site.

03.31.2016: Michael Turon on board!

03.31.2016 16:20: Anchored at 17º43’021N, 064º53’159W, Frederiksted, St Croix, USVI.

03.31.2016 07:00:  Anchors up.  Headed to STC.  Big wind and waves.

03.30.2016:  Moved to Baxter Bay.

03.29.2016 13:55:  Anchored at 18º20’120N, 064º58’080W, Lindbergh Bay, St Thomas, USVI.  Dropped Shannon at airport.

03.29.2016 11:30:  Mooring dropped.

03.28.2016 14:00:  Moored at 18º18’434N, 064º50’054W, Christmas Cove, St Thomas, USVI.  Pizza Pi with Wild Cat George.

03.28.2016 11:00:  Mooring dropped.

03.27.2016 13:15:  Moored at 18º19’093N, 064º43’569W, Lamshure Bay, St John, USVI.

03.27.2016 11:30:  Anchors up.

03.27.2016:  Happy Easter!

03.26.2016 14:00:  Anchored at 18º20’609N, 064º42’670W, Coral Bay, St John, USVI.  Skinny Legs!

03.26.2016 12:00:  Snorkeling stop at Hurricane Hole, St John, USVI.

03.26.2016 08:30:  Anchors up.  Let’s go surfing now!  Gusting 35+k on the stern!

03.25.2016 18:10:  Anchored at 18º19’040N, 064º37’410W, Norman’s Island, BVI.  Pirate infested dance party at Willy T’s with Ken Sunshine and Shannon Farley.

03.25.2016 13:30:  Mooring dropped.

03.24.2016 17:02:  Moored at 18º21’439N, 064º44’824W, Maho Bay, St John, USVI.

03.24.2016 15:50:  Mooring dropped.

03.24.2016:  Shannon Farley on board!

03.23.2016:  Day sail with Alex Cochran and family.

03.21.2016 11:10: Moored at 18º20’469N, 064º47’565W, Caneel Bay, St John, USVI.

03.21.2016 09:00: Stop in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, BVI to check out.

03.21.2016 08:30: Anchors up. Headed to St John.

03.20.2016 14:15: Anchored at 18º26’507N, 064º45’703W, White Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, BVI.

03.20.2016 11:00: Anchors up. Headed to JVD.

03.19.2016 14:55: Anchored at 18º25’474N, 064º36’965W, Village Cay, Tortola, BVI.

03.19.2016 09:30: Dropped Arthur and Alexa Krause at ferry, retrieved provisions from Smooth Operator.

03.19.2016 09:00: Anchored at 18º25’051N, 064º37’032N, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

03.19.2016 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to Tortola.

03.18.2016 16:30: Anchored at 18º22’530N, 064º30’633W, Cooper Island, BVI. Rescue mission to get Smooth Operator’s dinghy painter out of their port-side prop.

03.18.2016 11:35: Mooring dropped. Headed to Cooper Island.

03.17.2016 18:15: Moored at 18º18’934N, 064º37’157W, The Bight, Norman’s Island, BVI.

03.17.2016 13:00: Anchors up. Headed to Norman’s Island.

03.16.2016 13:30: Anchored at 18º 30’170N, 064º 21’910W, Prickly Pear Island, Virgin Gorda, BVI.

03.16.2016 08:45: Anchors up. Headed to Virgin Gorda.

03.15.2016 16:40: Anchored at 18º27’633N, 064º31’905W, Marina Cay, BVI.

03.15.2016 15:50: Moored at 18º26’904N, 064º31’840W, Trellis Bay, Tortola, BVI.

03.15.2016: Brita ferry JVD – STT – Tortola. Jason sailed to Trellis Bay.

03.14.2016 13:45: Moored at 18º26’544N, 064º45’150W, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Rescue mission to get Smooth Operator anchored.

03.14.2016 12:00: Anchors up. Headed to Jost Van Dyke.

03.14.2016 10:00: Dropped Clifton and Amber at ferry

03.14.2016 08:30: Anchored at 18º20’022N, 064º47’724W, Cruz Bay, St John, USVI.

03.14.2016 07:00: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Cruz Bay.

03.13.2016 13:45: Moored at 18º20’766N, 064º47’393W, Caneel Bay, St John, USVI.

03.13.2016 12:40: Mooring dropped. Headed to Caneel Bay.

03.12.2016 14:30: Moored at 18º21’820N, 064º44’737W, Francis Bay, St John, USVI.

03.12.2016 10:15: Anchors up. Headed to Maho Bay.

03.11.2016 14:15: Anchored at 18º20’591N, 064º42’740W, Coral Bay, St John, USVI.

03.11.2016 11:15: Mooring dropped. Headed to Coral Bay.

03.10.2016 20:15: Moored at 18º19’071N, 064º43’289W, Lamshire Bay, St John, USVI.

03.10.2016 15:00: Clifton and Amber Wessles-Yen on board. Anchors up. Headed to Pizza Pi, Christmas Cove.

03.10.2016 10:45: Anchored at 18º20’111N, 064º58’073W, Lindbergh Bay, St Thomas, USVI.

03.10.2016 10:00: Mooring lines dropped. Headed to Lindbergh Bay. Recalibrated compass, heading and rudder angle – 13º off!

03.09.2016 10:30: Blue Moon dragged into Three Moons while we were on land checking in.

03.09.2016 08:20: Anchored at 18º19’710N, 064º56’910W, Water Island, St Thomas, USVI.

03.08.2016 12:45: Anchors up. Headed to St Thomas. 25-35k of wind on the beam, 12ft seas with 6-8s period, no moon, rocking it for 90nm!

03.08.2016 08:30: Passed through Simpson Bay Bridge. Anchored in Simpson Bay. One last run with Henry from Mowzer.

03.07.2016: New mattress delivered again – perfect fit! Soda Stream CO2 bottles and Propane bottles filled at Gas King. Laundry done at Lagoonies. Shopping trip to Carrefour and Ace Hardware. Dinghy drift organized by Wild Cat. One last crazy night with Mowzer and Livin Life.

03.06.2016: Wakeboarding in Simpson Bay. Thank you Livin’ Life and Wild Cat!

03.05.2016 07:00: Dock lines slipped. Passed through Causeway Bridge. Anchored in Simpson Lagoon.

03.04.2016: New mattress delivered – way too small! New wind generator installed – too much wire, too little pole.

03.03.2016 10:20: Docked at 18º02’604N, 063º06’229W, Shipyard Marina, St Maarten.

03.03.2016 10:00: Passed through Causeway Bridge.

03.03.2016 09:30: Anchors up.

03.03.2016 01:00: Sail for Justice dragged into Blue Moon. Scratched our stem. No wind – what the heck?!

03.02.2016 15:25: Anchored at 18º02’478N, 063º05’593W, Simpson Lagoon, St Maarten. Mowzer arrived!

03.02.2016 14:15: Anchors up. Headed into the lagoon. Traffic jam at the bridge with Heineken Regatta race boats entering.

02.26.2015: Happy Birthday, Captain.

02.24.2016 17:50: Anchored at 18º02’011N, 063º05’782W, Simpson Bay, St Maarten.

02.24.2016 13:15: Mooring dropped. Headed to St Maarten. 3-5ft seas, 20-25k of wind at 60º apparent

02.24.2016: Dove Ladder Bay and Man of War with Sea Saba.

02.23.2016: Hiked Mt Scenery.

02.23.2016 00:15: Moored at 17º38’211N, 063º15’434W, Ladder Bay, Saba.

02.22.2016 17:45: Anchors up. Headed to Saba. Shark off our stern! LPG tanker passed our stern at 500ft! Saw the RORC 600 boats racing.

02.22.2016 14:00: Anchored at 17º54’033N, 062º51’372W, Gustavia, St Barths.

02.22.2016 13:00: Anchors up. Headed to Gustavia.

02.22.2016 11:10: Anchored at 17º53’015N, 062º49’900W, Governour’s Bay, St Barths. Dive practice off the arch.

02.22.2016 06:50: Mooring dropped. Headed to Baie de St Jean.

02.20.2016 16:10: Moored at 17º55’551N, 062º52’171W, Anse de Colombier, St Barths. Turtles!

02.20.2016 12:00: Anchors dropped. Headed to Anse de Colombier. Brita captaining.

02.19.2016 13:50: Anchored at 17º54’351N, 062º51’383W, Gustavia, St Barths.

02.18.2016 21:00: Anchors up. Headed to St Barths. Low seas, light winds on aft quarter. Passed by A8LL8 (669 ft, 92 ft beam, 25 ft draft), travelling 19k, at 0.5nm off starboard bow at 04:15.

02.17.2016 15:15: Anchored at 16º48’097N, 062º12’514W, Little Bay, Montserrat.

02.17.2016 10:00: Mooring dropped. Headed to Montserrat. Caught a barracuda, who escaped with our lure. Powered in front of a tug pulling a barge full of sand – Montserrat’s main export.

02.17.2016 07:00: Golf!

02.16.2016 13:20: Moored at 17º04’242N, 061º53’153W, Jolly Harbour, Antigua.

02.16.2016 12:55: Stopped for fuel.

02.16.2016 08:15: Anchors up. Headed to Jolly Harbour.

02.12.2016 13:45: Moored at 17º04’443N, 061º40’461W, Nonsuch Bay, Antigua.

02.12.2016 10:15: Anchors up. Headed to Nonsuch Bay. Beating straight into the wind and waves, passing through tight cuts.

02.12.2016 09:15: Anchored at 17º09’323N, 061º45’775W, Jumby Bay, Antigua.

02.12.2016 06:00: Anchors up. Headed to Jumby Bay.

02.11.2016: Motor to St John to drop Jim and Sophie.

02.10.2016 17:00: Anchored at 17º07’571N, 061º53’226W, Deep Bay, Antigua. Turtles!

02.10.2016 12:00: Anchored in St John for fish market.

02.10.2016 11:00: Anchors up. Headed to Deep Bay.

02.09.2016 14:15: Anchored at 17º09’788N, 061º50’835W, Dickinson Bay, Antigua.

02.09.2016 07:15: Anchors up. Headed to Antigua. Dolphins! Wind 30k.

02.07.2016 15:35: Anchored at 17º38’758N, 061º51’276W, Low Bay, Barbuda.

02.07.2016 10:00: Anchors up. Headed to Barbuda.

02.06.2016 17:00: Anchored at 17º07’577N, 061º53’201W, Deep Bay, Antigua. Turtles!

02.06.2016 13:30: Anchors up. Headed to Deep Bay.

02.04.2016 17:00: Jim Lowden and Sophie Romana arrive to Blue Moon.

01.30.2016 13:00: Anchored at 17º04’473N, 061º53’132W, Jolly Harbour, Antigua.

01.30.2016 11:45: Moored in Jolly Harbour to check in.

01.30.2016 03:00: Dropped mooring ball. Headed to Antigua. 10-16k of wind on the beam, making 6-6.5k.

12.17.2015 09:50: Anchored at 14º26’125N, 060º53’011W, St Anne, Martinique.

12.17.2015 05:45: Anchors up. Headed to Martinique. 15-20k of wind, sailing at 6-7k. A bit choppy.

12.14.2015 16:30: Anchored at 14º04’600N, 060º57’465W, Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

12.14.2015 12:15: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Rodney Bay.

12.14.2015: Climbed Gros Piton!

12.12.2015 12:30: Moored at 13º49’513N, 061º03’846W, Piton Bay, St Lucia.

12.12.2015 08:30: Anchors up. Headed to Pitons. 6 miles from the anchorage, first boat boy approaches, says he’s going to put a small boy on our boat to help us in, boy offers us “Ganja, you know like Bob Marley. You want white powder?” each with corresponding hand gestures in case we were confused about which illicit drugs he was trying to sell us.

12.08.2015 10:50: Anchored at 14º04’606N, 060º57’443W, Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

12.07.2015 17:50: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to St Lucia.

06.02.2015 12:25: Anchored at 12º00’027N, 061º44’506W, Hog Island, Grenada. 2300 nautical miles in less than four months. We made it!!


06.02.2015 04:15: Anchors up. Headed to Grenada. Beautiful sail with 15-20 knots, calm seas, and strong current in our favor. 9.5 knots clocked!!


05.31.2015 14:15: Anchored at 12º27’338N, 061º29’132W, Tyrell Bay, Carriacou. We made it south of 12.5ºN before June 1st, in compliance with our insurance requirements!


05.31.3015 apx 12:00: Dolphins!! A pod of 6 dolphins swam with us and played in our bow wake!


05.31.2015 06:15: Anchors up. Headed to Carriacou.


05.29.2015 12:10: Anchored at 13º00’400N, 061º14’435W, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, Grenadines. Anchor dragged – oops.


05.28.2015 16:45: Anchors up. Headed to St Vincent.


05.27.2015 16:00: Anchored at 14º33’572N, 061º03’285W, Anse Mitan, Martinique.


05.27.2015 13:00: Anchors up. Headed to Fort de France, Martinique.


05.27.2015: Hiked Mount Pelee, hitchhiked to and from base of volcano.


05.26.2015 12:00: Anchored at 14º44’396N, 061º10’661W, Saint Pierre, Martinique.


05.26.2015 01:00: Anchors up. Headed to Martinique.


05.25.2015: Failed attempt to hike to a waterfall on Waitukubuli National Trail (waterfall dries up in dry season).


05.24.2015: Failed attempt to hike the Waitukubuli National Trail (made it to the trailhead after 8 miles of wrong turns), Jazz Fest at Fort Shirley in Cabrits Naitonal Park.


05.23.2015: Farmer’s Market (frog in the lettuce!) and PAYS bbq.


05.22.2015 13:15: Anchored at 15º34’823N, 061º27’679W, Portsmouth, Dominica.


05.22.2015 08:00: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Dominica.


05.21.2015: Hike Le Chameau, kayak.


05.20.2015 13:00: Moored at 15º52’064N, 061º35’100W, Terre-de-Haut, Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.


05.20.2015 07:15: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.


05.19.2015: Snorkeling and diving at Cousteau Underwater Reserve.


05.19.2015 12:00: Moored at 16º10’006N, 061º47’761W, Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe.


05.19.2015 09:40: Mooring dropped. Headed to Pigeon Island.


05.18.2015: Failed attempt to hike up the river to a waterfall.


05.18.2015 08:45: Moored at 16º18’415N, 061º47’761W, Deshaies, Guadeloupe.


05.17.2015 18:50: Mooring dropped. Headed to Guadeloupe. Beautiful sail, 15k of wind, closed hauled, flat seas, a fish jumped aboard when a wave crashed over the bow.


05.17.2015: Hike volcano (after wrong turn from easier hike), lunch at Sunshine beach bar.


05.16.2015 09:45: Moored at 17º09’077N, 062º37’846W, Pinneys Beach, Charlestown, Nevis.


05.16.2015 08:20: Anchors up. Headed to Nevis.


05.15.2015: Hike to Cockleshell Bay, beach bar crawl at Frigate Bay.


05.14.2015 14:45: Anchored at 17º15’018N, 062º39’529W, White House Bay, St Kitts.


05.14.2015 13:00: Anchors up (after shaking off a massive old chain we’d hooked onto). Headed to White House Bay, St Kitts.


05.14.2015 10:00: Walking around town with propane and gasoline tanks in hand, kind local picked us up and drove us to appropriate stations. Brita tried to enter a bar carrying explosives.


05.14.2015 07:00: Anchored at 17º17’488N, 062º43’771W, Limekiln Bay, Basseterre, St Kitts.


05.13.2015 23:00: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to St Kitts. 15-20k on the beam with fair seas.


05.13.2015 10:00: Jason helped s/v Nada with their mooring ball, received bottle of wine as thanks. We are thinking we could eek out quite a living on Jason’s rescues.


05.10.2015: Snorkeled. Hiked to Flamand to call our mothers on Mother’s Day.


05.09.2015: Work day. Polished the stainless, rebuilt the primary port side winch. Anchorage of 12 sail boats flooded in less than an hour by 30 more sail boats entering small anchorage under sail with wind gusting to 25+ knots.


05.08.2015 – 05.13.2015: Waiting for the wind to settle. St Barths is not a bad place to be stuck.


05.08.2015 13:30: Moored at 17º55’425N, 062º52’150W, Anse de Colombier, Saint Barthelemy.


05.08.2015 12:30: Anchors up. Headed to Anse de Colombier, Saint Barthelemy.


05.07.2015 15:40: Anchored at 17º54’309N, 062º51’445W, Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy.


05.07.2015 08:15: Anchors up. Headed to Saint Barthelemy.


05.06.2015: Snorkeled, hiked volcano Quill.


05.05.2015 15:00: Anchored at 17º28’790N, 062º59’315W, Oranjestad, Sint Eustatius.


05.05.2015 08:30: Passed through St Maarten Simpson Bay Drawbridge. Gale force winds (35+knots of wind), confused sea state, and hung-over Captain => First Mate got drenched.


05.05.2015 08:00: Anchors up. Headed to Sint Eustatius.


05.04.2015: Happy hour with New York friend Toby Stull (www.sailstarlight.com) at Lagooines.


05.02.2015: Cruisers swap in Marigot, Beach beers at Friar’s Bay Beach Club, Dinghy Drift in Simpson Bay Lagoon.

04.30.2015: St Maarten Carnival in Philipsburg, St Maarten.


04.29.2015 12:30: Anchored at 18º02’380N, 063º05’552W, Simpson Bay Lagoon, St Maarten (after four failed attempts).


04.29.2015 11:30: Passed through St Maarten Simpson Bay Drawbridge.


04.28.2015 13:10: Mooring lines slipped. Headed to St Maarten.


04.28.2015: Run, snorkel.


04.27.2015 18:15: Moored at 18º18’915N, 064º43’306W, Lameshure Bay, St John, USVI.


04.27.2015 16:30: Mooring lines slipped. Headed to Lameshure Bay, St John, USVI.


04.27.2015 12:25: Moored at 18º20’514N, 064º47’520W, Caneel Bay, St John, USVI.


04.27.2015 06:00: Mooring lines slipped. Headed to St John, USVI.


04.26.2015: Snorkeled, kayaked, swam in the baths, hiked to lighthouse. Anchorage with 3 sailboats flooded by 30 fishing boats in less than an hour.


04.26.2015 09:45: Moored at 18º19’163N, 065º13’689W, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.


04.26.2015 07:15: Anchors up. Headed to Culebrita, Puerto Rico.


04.25.2015 12:00: Picked up mail from Michael Turon, General Delivery to Jason Selisky at Culebra Post Office. Homeless?


04.25.2015 09:30: Anchored at 18º18’187N, 065º17’878W, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.


04.25.2015 07:30: Mooring lines dropped. Headed to Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico.


04.24.2015: Snorkeled, scuba’d, kayaked, hiked to Playa Flamenco.


04.23.2015 17:30: Moored at 18º19’398N, 065º19’730W, Punta Tamarindo Grande, Culebra, Puerto Rico.


04.23.2015 11:45: Docklines slipped. Headed to Culebra.


04.22.2015: Road trip to San Juan! Walked around the forts and Old San Juan. Lunch at Café Berlin. Bought Sunshine, my new yellow kayak!


04.21.2015 11:30: Docked at 18º20’291N, 065º37’913W, Sunbay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.


04.21.2015 08:00: Anchors up. Headed to Fajardo, Puerto Rico.


04.19.2015 15:30: Anchored at apx 18º07’500N, 065º35’500W, Punta Arenas, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.19.2015 12:30: Anchors up.


04.18.2015 12:15: Anchored at 18º05’591N, 065º28’519W, Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico


04.18.2015 11:45: Anchors up. Headed to Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.18.2015 08:30: Anchored at 18º05’626N, 065º27’397W, Sun Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.18.2015 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to Sun Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.17.2015 20:00: Rowed the dinghy into Mosquito Bay to see the bioluminescent bay.


04.17.2015 12:00: Anchored at 18º05’643N, 065º26’493W, Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.17.2015 09:30: Anchors up. Headed to Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico.


04.16.2015: Work day. Baked banana bread. Cleaned kitchen and bathroom. Drained and changed Racor fuel filter. Climbed mast to remove broken windex, repair mobri radar reflector and check rigging. Adjusted stuffing box to stop leak. Made water. Inspected steering squeak. Detoxed from week of Half Moon gin with Deke.


04.15.2015 18:45: Anchored at 18º07’453N, 065º21’285W, Ensenada Honda, Vieques, Puerto Rico. Our very own anchorage.


04.15.2015 12:30: Docked at 18º20’N, 064º57’W, Crown Bay Marina, St Thomas, USVI. Dropped Deke, got fuel, dropped garbage, got marine and scuba stuff, dropped mail. Headed to Vieques, Puerto Rico


04.15.2015 09:00: Mooring lines slipped. Headed to St Thomas, USVI.


04.14.2015: Snorkeling, dinghy trip to Cruz Bay for errands, dinner at Caneel Bay resort.


04.14.2015 10:00: Moored at 18º20’542N, 064º47’446W, Caneel Bay, St John, USVI.


04.14.2015 08:00: Mooring lines slipped. Headed for Caneel Bay, St John, USVI. Deke at the helm.


04.13.2015: Snorkeling, scuba diving, and hike the Bordeaux trail.


04.13.2015 09:40: Moored at 18º18’978N, 064º43’369W, Great Lameshure Bay, St John, USVI.


04.13.2015 07:30: Mooring lines slipped. Headed for Lameshure Bay, St John, USVI. Deke at the helm.


04.12.2015 20:00: Naked dive off the second floor of Willy T’s. Yahoo!


04.12.2015 15:25: Moored at 18º18’954N, 064º37’136W, The Bight, Norman Island, BVI.


04.12.2015 09:00: Mooing lines slipped. Headed to Norman Island, BVI. Norman “Deke” Jameison at the helm.


04.11.2015: Hiked Johnny Horn trail to Coral Bay for lunch at Skinny Legs. Hiked Brown Bay trail back.


04.10.2015 12:15: Moored at 18º21’778N, 064º44’776W, Maho Bay, St John, USVI.


04.10.2015 10:10: Anchors up. Headed to Maho Bay, St John, USVI. Deke at the helm.


04.09.2015: Happy hour and dinner with New York friends Ali and Darius Ali (www.sailmontauk.com) in Cruz Bay.


04.09.2015 14:00: Anchored at 18º20’008N, 064º57’118W, Frank Bay, St John, USVI.


04.09.2015 10:15: Docklines slipped. Headed to St John. Deke at the helm.


04.08.2015 21:00: AA flight from New York lands. Waiting for Deke to deboard and come play with us!


04.07.2015 17:00: Docked at 18º20’008N, 064º57’118W. Crown Bay Marina, St Thomas, USVI.


04.07.2015 12:00: Anchored at 18º20’117N, 064º58’046W, Lindbergh Bay, St Thomas, USVI.


04.07.2015 11:00: Docklines slipped. Headed to Lindbergh Bay for the day with Brita’s friends Erica “Skirt” Bass, Jonathan “Sleeves” Bass, Stacy Housman and Aaron Schmit.


04.07.2015 10:00: Oasis of the Seas docks at Crown Bay Marina. Wow, she’s big! Waiting for our friends to deboard and come play with us!


04.06.2015 12:15: Docked at 18º20’008N, 064º57’118W. Crown Bay Marina, St Thomas, USVI.


04.06.2015 05:00: Anchors up. Headed to St Thomas.


04.05.2015: Happy Easter! Jason colored an egg with highlighters and hid it for me. He also made a valiant effort at getting me to church on time. Alas we missed the final service, but we found Blue Moon beers at the Dinghy Dock!


04.05.2015 11:30: Anchored at 18º18’187N, 065º17’878W, Culebra, Puerto Rico.


04.04.2015 22:40: Anchors up. Still headed to Vieques, Culebra or St Thomas.


04.04.2015 13:45: Anchored at 17º58’508N, 065º59’522W, Puerto Patillas, Puerto Rico.


04.04.2015 02:30: Anchors up. Still headed to Vieques, Culebra or St Thomas. Feeling deflated, but at least winds have lightened and seas have settled.


04.03.2015 19:30: Anchored at 17º53’225N, 066º31’725W, Isla Caja de Muertos, Puerto Rico.


04.02.2015 15:20: Anchors up. Headed to Vieques, Culebra or St Thomas. 20-30 knots of wind, 10-12 foot seas, and squalls, moving at 7 knots. Tacked at 04.03.2015, 05:30, headed right back where we started from. Thanks Gilligan.


04.01.2015 15:53: Anchored at 17º56’959N 066º52’353W, Gilligan’s Island.


04.01.2015 06:30: Anchors aweigh. Headed to Gilligan’s Island. Gusting to 25 knots, on our nose, seas knocking us around, uncomfortable long motor sail.


03.31.2015 12:00: Anchored at 17º56’432N, 067º11’846W, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.


03.31.2015 09:30: Anchors aweigh. Headed to the lighthouse at Cabo Rojo. 10k of wind, no waves, easy sail.


03.30.2015 08:30: Anchored at 18º01’369N, 067º10’503W, Boqueron, Puerto Rico.


03.30.2015 06:30: Puerto Rican Marine Police stopped us to check if we had cleared in yet. They have big engines – should have asked for a tow.


03.30.2015 03:30: NDIS, military vessel, passed our stern. 112’ long, 20’ beam, 9.8’ draft, 9.4 knots. Off the coast of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Welcome back to US territorial waters.


03.29.2015 apx 12:00: Dolphins! Three dolphins playing in our bow wake. In the middle of the Mona Passage.


03.28.2015 17:30: Anchors aweigh. Headed to Puerto Rico – 40+ hours through the Mona Passage! Very light wind, 8 foot seas, motoring most of the way.


03.28.2015 15:00: Anchored at 19º09’866N, 069º16’630W, Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic.


03.28.2015 13:00: Docklines off. Headed to Cayo Levantado to stage for sail to Puerto Rico. Sad to say goodbye to the DR.


03.25.2015 – 03.26.2015: Road trip to Santo Domingo. Blue Moon stayed docked at Puerto Bahia.


03.24.2015 apx 15:30: Docked at 19º11’669N, 069º21’307W, Puerto Bahia, Dominican Republic.


03.24.2015 apx 13:30: Anchors aweigh. Headed back to Puerto Bahia.


03.23.2015 15:00: Dinghy ride through mangroves, hike to Owl Cave, with hieroglyphics on the wall.


03.23.2015 apx 14:00: Anchored at 19º04’791N, 069º27’717W, Parque Nacional de los Haitises, Dominican Republic.


03.23.2015 apx 11:00: Docklines off. Headed to Parque Nacional de los Haitises. Perfect downwind sail down the bay.


03.19.2015: Presidente distributor located, truckload delivered to Blue Moon, beer holds refilled.


03.18.2015 14:30: Docked at 19º11’669N, 069º21’307W, Puerto Bahia, Dominican Republic.


03.18.2015 13:00: Gulden Lleuw passed us on port. 187’ long, 26’ beam, 13.8’ draft. Beautiful old schooner. At the mouth of Samana Bay, Dominican Republic.


03.18.2015 12:00: Shared the last beer on the boat.


03.18.2015 10:45: Small fishing skiff carrying three fishermen nearly swept up in our wake. Off of Cabo Samana, Dominican Republic.


03.16.2015 07:30: Mooring ball dropped. Headed to Dominican Republic – 3 days on the water! Sailed southeast to Luperon with 10-25k close hauled, then motored along the northern shore in lighter winds.


03.15.2015 18:00: Moored at 21º38’981N, 72º28’424W, West Caicos, Turks & Caicos.


03.15.2015 apx 15:00: Whales! Two or three whales broaching, jumping, splashing and blow holing, about 500 meters off our bow. Off the coast of West Caicos.


03.15.2015 07:15: Anchors aweigh. Headed to West Caicos. Mostly motor sailed into light winds and calm sea.


03.14.2015 16:30: Jason broke two of his toes on his right foot while launching the dinghy. Off the eastern tip of Mayaguana, Bahamas.


03.14.2015 16:00: Anchored at 22º17’188N, 072º47’264W, Mayaguana, Bahamas.


03.14.2015 12:40: Anchors aweigh. Headed to stage on eastern tip of island. Exit through the eastern cut was harrowing – huge breakers, lots of coral, shoals everywhere.


03.08.2015-03.14.2015: No beer available for sale on Mayaguana. Alcohol provisions on the boat running low.


03.08.2015 13:00: Anchored at 22º21’696N, 072º59’023W, Abrahamas Bay, Mayaguana, Bahamas.


03.08.2015 12:00: Anchors aweigh. Headed deeper into the bay, closer to town, where the swells should be smaller.


03.07.2015 17:30: Anchored at 22º19’79N, 73º01’7W, Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana, Bahamas.


03.07.2015 apx 12:00: ICES passed our bow. 965’ long, 105’ beam, 38.1’ draft, 19.6 knots. Container ship headed to NY! We would hitch a tow if it weren’t still snowing there.


03.07.2015 04:15: Anchors aweigh. Headed to Mayaguana. Started with beautiful sail, 15k of wind from right where we’re headed, 3 ft seas, lots of tacking, ended motor sailing.


03.06.2015 15:15: Anchored at 22º35’508N, 073º37’702W, Plana Cay, Bahamas.


03.06.2015 07:45: Anchors aweigh. Headed to Plana Cay. Mostly a sail, headed way north and way south, to make it east through big seas.


03.05.2015 17:00: Anchored at 22º43’21N, 073º52’858W, Attwood Harbor, Acklin Island, Bahamas.


03.05.2015 05:30: Anchors aweigh. Headed to Acklin Island. Motor sailing dead into the wind, big seas.


03.03.2015: Two dinghy rescue swims in one day – once on shore, once off the stern of Blue Moon.


03.01.2015-03.05.2015: No eggs available for sale on Crooked Island.


03.01.2015 10:30: Anchored at 22º49’N, 074º20’738W, Crooked Island, Bahamas


02.28.2015 08:15: Anchors up. Headed to Crooked Island or Acklin Island. 2-3 times the predicted current pushing up north again. Gusting up to 30. Tiring.


02.26.2015: Happy 40th Birthday Jason. Celebration postponed to the 27th because we’re too beat up from the overnight. French toast, banana bread, enchiladas, brownies, champagne, a video montage from friends and family, and a dinghy dance.


02.26.2015 14:00: Anchored at 23º51’271N, 075º07’740W, Conception Island, Bahamas.


02.26.2015 05:30: Phet cruise shipped passed our starboard side. 955’ long, 26’ draft, 18 knots.


02.25.2015 12:30: Anchors up. Headed to Conception Island. Lots of motoring, slow sailing, killer current pushing us north.


02.25.2015 10:00: Pigs swim! Major Cay, Exuma, Bahamas.


02.23.2015 13:00: Anchored at Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas. Anchored 20 feet off the rocky cliff of a cay!


02.23.2015 apx 08:00: Mooring lines dropped. Headed to Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas. Motor all the way down the sound, harrowing entrance through the cut.


02.21.2015 18:00: Celebrated one moth of retirement with other cruisers at happy hour on the beach. Jerry recommends, “Don’t fail retirement!”


02.21.2015 13:30: Moored at 24º23’725N, 076º37’937W, Waderick Wells, Exuma, Bahamas. Mooring ball #12!


02.21.2015 10:00: Heave to! Cleevis ring holding the main sheet to the traveller was mangled and about to pop. Jas went forward to replace it.


02.21.2015 08:30: Anchors up. Headed to Wadrick Wells, Exuma, Bahamas. 20k sustained, gusting to 27k, we topped out at 7.9k.


02.20.2015 12:00: Anchored at Hawskbill Cay, Exuma, Bahamas.


02.20.2015 09:30: Anchors up. Headed to Hawksbill Cay.


02.17.2015 apx 15:00: Jason saved a neighboring sailor who was caught in a strong tidal current and nearly drowning.


02.17.2015 apx 12:00: First swim of the season. Norman’s Cay, Exuma, Bahamas.


02.15.2015 14:30: Anchored at Norman’s Cay, Exuma, Bahamas.


02.15.2015 05:00: Anchors up. Headed to Norman’s Cay. Motored dead into the wind for 8nm, rounded the tip of Eluethera, fell off to a beam, turned off the engine and made 8.7 knots (surfing down a wave)!


02.14.2015 14:30: Anchored at Rock Sound Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas..


02.14.2015 09:00: Anchors up. Headed to Rock Sound Harbour.


02.13.2015 apx 14:00: Anchored at Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Next to An Tiki.


02.13.2015 apx 12:00: Dolphins! In the Bite of Eleuthera.


02.13.2015 08:30: Passed through the Current Cut, under sail, near ebb tide.


02.13.2015 07:00: Anchors up. Headed to Governor’s Harbour. Beautiful down wind sail – wing on wing with all three sails out.


02.12.2015 []: Anchored at Royal Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas.


02.11.2015 15:30: Passed through the Tiloo Cut on the south end of Elbow Cay. It was under “rage conditions” – 10 foot breakers crashing into the shore. Truman assured us we could do it, gave us the angle to point at, and watched us sea saw through about 6 breakers before we made it out of the cut. Jason aged a couple of years in those couple of minutes.


02.11.2015 14:00: Mooring lines dropped. Headed to Eluthera. Accompanied by iPuck (Bobbie and Ed Collins, Frank and Barbara Siepker) and Lucky Strike (Truman Major).


02.06.2015: Day sail in the Sea of Abaco. Frank and Barbara Siepker and Bobbie and Ed Collins on board.


02.04.2015: Day sail in the Sea of Abaco. Bill and Linda Delisky, Frank and Barbara Siepker and Ed Collins on board.


02.02.2015 apx 14:00: Moored in Hope Town Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas.


02.01.2015 apx 12:00: Anchored at Great Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas.


02.01.2015 apx 08:00: Anchors up. Headed to Great Guana Cay. Beautiful sail with Bill Delisky at the helm.


01.30.2015 apx 17:00: Anchored at Dicky’s Cay, Abacos, Bahamas.


01.30.2015 apx 14:00: Mooring lines dropped. Headed to Man of War. Bill and Linda Delisky onboard.


01.25.2015-02.11.2015: Stayed at Puck Cottage in Hope Town with Bill and Linda Delisky (Jason’s parents), Frank and Barbara Siepker (my parents), and Bobbie and Ed Collins (our gracious hosts).


01.25.2015: Drive to EWR, flight to FLL, flight to MHH, taxi to ferry, ferry to Hope Town, Truman to hurricane hole. Reunited with Blue Moon!


11.2014: NYC to Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas. Jason and a crew of four sailed down to Marsh Harbour for eight glorious days.

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