Year 2

:: 26 January 2016 to 26 January 2017 ::

Guadeloupe to Panama

Sail ho!

    • Distance Traveled: 2600nm; 2992mi; 4815km

Sunset at Sea Curacao to Colombia - No Land in Sight


  • Longest Passage: 507nm, 114 hours, Curacao to Cartagena, 23 Aug – 28 Aug 2016



  • Longest Distance in a Calendar Month: 595nm in May 2016 (in Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St Croix and Bonaire)
  • Shortest Distance in a Calendar Month: 0nm in July 2016 (in the Bonaire marina) and October and November 2016 (on the hard in Cartagena)
  • Most Northern Point: 18º26’544N, Jost Van Dyke, BVI, 14 March 2016
  • Most Southern Point: 08º59’794N, Isla Pinos, Guna Yala/San Blas, Panama, 03 December 2016
  • Most Western Point: 079º57’076W, Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama, 05 January 2017
  • Most Eastern Point: 061º40’461W, Nonsuch Bay, Antigua, 13 February 2016
  • Since January 26, 2015, 5652nm traveled!
  • Goal for Year 3: More long passages!

Where We Went

  • 8 countries: France, UK Netherlands, US, Antigua, Curacao, Colombia, Panama
  • 31 islands/mainlands: Colombia, Panama, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, Saba, St Barths, St Maarten, St Thomas, St John, St Croix, 4 Puerto Rican islands (Mainland Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra, Culebrita), Bonaire, Klein Bonaire, Klein Curacao, Curacao, 11 Guna Yala islands (Pinos, Iguana, Usutupu, Aridup (Snug Harbor), Banedup (Cayos Holandes), Banedup (Eastern Lemon Cays), Yansaladup (Eastern Lemon Cays), Salardup (West Naguargandup Cays), Esnasdup (East Naguargandup Cays), Tiadup (Coco Bandero Cays) and Orduptarboat (Coco Bandero Cays)

366 Nights

  • Nights at Anchor or on a Mooring: 196 nights
  • Nights on the Hard: 79 nights at Manzanillo Marina Club, Cartagena, Colombia
  • Nights Docked at a Marina: 78 nights – 2 nights at Shipyard Marina, St Maarten; 1 night at Crown Bay Marina, St Thomas; 4 nights at Sunbay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico; 55 nights at Harbour View Marina, Bonaire; 16 nights at Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama
  • Sunset over the Sea Colombia to Panama: No Land in SightNights Underway at Sea: 13 nights – 1 night Montserrat to St Barths; 1 night St Maarten to St Thomas; 1 night St Croix to St Thomas; 3 nights Vieques, Puerto Rico to Bonaire; 5 nights Cuaraco to Cartagena, Colombia; 1 night Cartagena, Colombia to Guna Yala/San Blas, Panama; 1 night Guna Yala/San Blas, Panama to Portobelo, Panama
  • Goal for Year 3: More nights at sea! No nights on the hard!

Having Fun

  • 38 Dives: 1 in Martinique, 1 in Guadeloupe, 2 in Saba, 6 in St Croix with Fiona and Michael Turon, 2 in Puerto Rico with Ruben and Regina, 26 in Bonaire
  • 3 Tennis Games: 2 in Guadeloupe with Henry and 1 in St Croix with Jason
  • 1 Round of Golf: Antigua with Jason
  • Lots of Beach Yoga with Mowzer, Livin Life, Alpen Glow, Millie, Stella Polaris and Ultra
  • So many hikes
  • Too Many to Count Lion Fish Caught! (St Croix and San Bals/Guna Yala)
  • 3 Amazing Natural Wonders (Boiling Lake, Dominica; Frigate Colony, Barbuda; Dolphins in Bioluminescence, Gulf of Venezuela, en route from Curacao to Colombia)
  • 31 Books Read: Favorites include The Hungry Ocean, Pirate Hunters, In Other Words, Born to Run, The Shadow of the Wind
  • 1 Book Written (forthcoming, 2017)
  • 13 overnight visitors: Jim and Sophie in Antigua, February 2016; Amber and Clifton in USVI in March 2016; Alexa and Arthur in BVI in March 2016; Shannon in USVI in March 2016; Michael in USVI in April 2016; Frank and Barbara Siepker in USVI/PR in April 2016; Ruben and Regina in PR in April 2016; Deke in PR in April 2016
  • 5 day visitors: Alex Cochran and family, USVI, March 2016; Alex Martinez Brekelbaum, Cartagena, September 2016
  • Goal for Year 3: More running! More yoga! More diving!

Boat Work

  • New Wind Generator (Rutland 1200, installed St Maarten, March 2016, reinstalled Cartagena, October 2016)
  • New Mattress (St Maarten, March 2016)
  • New Scuba Tanks and Gear (St Maarten, March 2016 and Bonaire, August 2016)
  • Fix Genoa Tears (Fajardo, May 2016 and Shelter Bay Marina, January 2017)
  • New AIS Transponder (Bonaire, August 2016)
  • Re-Galvanize Anchor Chain (Cartagena, September 2016)
  • Polish Prop (Cartagena, September 2016)
  • Fix Transmission Leak (Cartagena, October 2016)
  • Change Cutless Bearing (Cartagena, October 2016)
  • New Bottom Paint (Cartagena, November 2016)
  • Strip and Oil Exterior Teak (Cartagena, November 2016)
  • New Dinghies (Panama, January 2017)
  • New VHF Antenna (Panama, January 2017)
  • New Gennaker Sail (Panama, January 2017)
  • Goal for Year 3: Less Boat Work!
Two-Year Anniversary of Cruising!!

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