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2 thoughts on “Second Leg, In Broad Strokes

  1. Do y’all often spend nights at sea on your boat?. I.e., not in a harbor? Do you navigate with a GPS, or something like that?

    Will you visit Barbados?

    Forgive if you’ve already spoken to these things.

    1. We do spend nights at sea, and I do love sailing at night – check out the blog entry called Two Ships Passing in the Night. We have to come into harbor while the sun is up, in order to navigate the reefs and set the anchor safely; and we may be making a passage that is 50+ miles, and we only move at about 5 or 6 mph; so we often leave right before sunset and come in right after sunrise. We have GPS at the helm and on the laptop, and always study the paper charts too. On the long overnight passages, though, it is mostly a question of setting the heading and sailing straight – not much out here to navigate around.
      Barbados is not on the list, as it would require sailing into the prevailing easterly winds.
      Thank you for your interest in our travels!

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