Bubbly upon arrival, 02 June 2015
Bubbly upon departure, 19 November 2015
Bubbly upon departure, 19 Nov 2015

171 days after arriving in Grenada, we are finally leaving this paradise.


It is a very bitter sweet departure – sad to leave this amazing place and dear friends, excited to start sailing and discovering again.




Here is our Grenada top five list, carefully culled on many trips around the island, nights at local watering holes, and conversations with our fellow cruisers.*



#5:  What a Wonderful World.  Grenada is a natural wonderland, along the 121 kilometers of coastline, down to the rich reefs and up to the lush mountains. Rain forests, waterfalls, white sand beaches; soil so rich a matchstick could flower; flowers and fruits cascading off the mountainsides; abundant organic produce to devour.  Keep it green, Grenada.


#4:  I Love this Bar. Grenada is littered with bars where beer is cheaper than water – little wooden shacks up the mountainside with a fridge full of beer and some makeshift chairs. We were barefoot and bikini’d at a beach bar, or decked out for bingo at a Carenage club, but mostly surrounded by good friends, dancing, singing and tickled by full belly laughs at Prickly Bay and Secret Harbor.

#3:  Thank You for Being a Friend.  In a few short months, we’ve made very dear friends – Grenadians, Canadians, South Africans, and even a few Americans – from cruisers to medical students, from bartenders to taxi drivers. We will miss our Camp Grenada playmates dearly.


#2:  Hash Happy. We get wet and dirty walking, running and climbing around every hill of Grenada, then come together for beers and oil down. We meet others living on the island (locals, students, cruisers), and get intimate views of neighborhoods, back roads, rain forests and plantations. On on!


#1:  Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, Here I Am at Camp Grenada. At Camp Grenada, there are hundreds of boats full of playmates just a short dinghy ride away, and an island full of activities to keep you busy (golf, hiking, diving, poker, yoga, volleyball, bingo, etc.). Please let me stay, I love Granada.



* Thank you to those fellow campers who contributed photos and videos to this blog:  Sailing Banyan, Mowzer, Baby Blue, Avatar, Livin’ Life and Cathy Tyda.

Grenada Top Five

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