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After a wonderful yet brief visit at Puck Cottage it’s time to head back to New York City. So many mixed emotions, leaving a gorgeous place and great friends and, of course, Blue Moon make the departure difficult. But on the other end awaits the lovely Brita, and that’s something I’d swim back for.

So for now, it’s goodbye Hope Town. Bobbie and Ed tell of the tradition of tossing a flower to mark your pending return.  It looks like I’m the only one on this ferry coming back… :-)

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While away Blue Moon will spend some time in the spa having her brightwork revarnished, a big job for sure!  Fortunately  she’s in the good and capable hands of Truman Major.  Truman is something of a fixture in Hope Town, a man of a great many talents and stellar reputation.  Not to mention he’s got the best moorings, just hail Lucky Strike on VHF 16 and he’ll take good care of you.  And don’t be shy if you need anything else, Truman is a real goto guy and can take care of just about any need you may have.  A special thanks to him for tending to and overseeing our little boat until we return.  And if you find yourself sailing into Hope Town, you’d be smart to employ his services:


Heading North

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