We entered the Sea of Abaco shortly after the Sun and are now flying our “Q” flag as we wait to clear customs.  A last minute detour had us bypass Whale Cay and instead we enter through Man-O-War Channel, good thinking Greg!  This kept us in the Atlantic a bit longer but, since we were ahead of daylight anyway, it shaved a couple hours off our journey.
A special thanks to the good crew of Blue Moon on this passage.  Job well done, chaps!
Well, that’s all she wrote.  Looking forward to Kaliks and burgers for lunch.
Captain Jason
  • 3:13am – Technology has officially taken over the world.  The time honored excited utterance “Land-ho!” was been replaced with “My phone has roaming!”  Ugh.
  • 6:40am – Double rainbow off the starboard quarter, the brightest ever witnessed; one end seems to land at Norman’s Cay!
  • 7:00am – Entered Sea of Abaco
  • 8:45am – Blue Moon secured at dock
This land stuff does not look like fun. Heading back out to sea.
“We are here. We are here. We are here.”
We passed the final few hours this morning with 10-15 knots of wind using the roller furler to control our speed to arrive at the hand wound light house near Man of War passage at sunrise.  I feel very lucky to have been able to share this experience with such a generous group of sailors.
The journey has been great!
I had a pre-dawn watch this morning with Colin.  We killed the time sitting in the perfectly tempered tropical night breeze in silence. We were both mesmerized by the trail of twinkling light created by the bio-phosphors as Blue Moon’s keel cut through the sea.
Looking forward to clearing customs and getting onto land.  Talk soon!
That’s all,
–Crew of s/v Blue Moon
Position Log:

Delivery – Day Eight

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