Lunch yesterday did in fact have us stop by a private little swimming hole, we call it the middle of the Atlantic.  Weather remains pleasant and seas smooth.  We had another swim this morning and will likely stop again in the afternoon for a final jump in the pool.
We’re a little ahead of schedule for our Saturday arrival, and so are slowing progress to aid in arriving after sunrise.
Otherwise all is great.  If all goes well we’ll be on land for lunch tomorrow!
  • Repaired bow thruster during first swim, this should make docking a breeze tomorrow.  Thank you Antonio for convincing me to wait on this until outside the Hudson!
  • Swim hour 11/13 @ 1200 – approx position:,-77.8
  • Colin is suspected to have mermaid blood running through him.
The water is just too blue!!
Sorry I haven’t written more.  I’ve been luxuriating in the sleep, eat, sail, sleep, eat, sail cycle.  I realized a couple days in that when I mentioned to Jason before the trip the things I was bringing along to occupy my time, he was just shaking his head internally, knowing that none of my plans would actually work out that way.
So, I’ve read maybe 30 pages of a sailing book, and maybe 10 pages of a programming book, and perhaps 150 pages of fiction.  We have wonderful conversations about such wide ranging topics, but only a little every day.  Without having to listen to the stream of work and world problems, its not so bad to talk about them in the abstract once in a while.
And then the wind dies, and we motor for a while, and shut off the engine at 11:00 am and go swimming.  Got to practice my woefully atrophied sailor dive off the deck.  Wow.  Remind me again why we all work 50 hours a week?  The sailing book I’m reading suggests a couple can sail around the world, a little at a time, with cost of living about $800 a month for two people.  I expect similar efficiency can be achieved Walden Pond style.  Hmmm.
We had a huge flurry of activity this morning a few hours after dawn.  After seeing one ship on the horizon over the past two days, this morning there were three ships all visible at the same time, forming a rough triangle around us, and each gradually approaching.  At closest approach two ships were within 1.5 miles, and the third was about 3 miles away.  What is really interesting is that this seems like a kinda big deal.  Cool!!
I’ve been missing talking to you all, but I think being offline has been good for me. And besides, talking on the sat phone is just frustrating, and definitely no substitute for casual conversation in the car or over hands of bridge.
We arrive at Marsh Harbor tomorrow mid morning.  Still planning on coming back to NY on Wednesday.
I’m very impressed with the Island Packet IP380.  With an 8′ following sea and 30 knot winds gusting to 38 we were flying 30% of the roller furler jib and roughly 30 percent of the in mast furling main (don’t have to leave the cock pit)and she never felt out of control.  The water maker has meant that the five of us don’t have to skimp on water. The jacuzzi temp has remained in the low 80s which was comfortable on cool evenings above lattitude 35.  Jason has proven quite the athlete, nearly taking out the aft lights of a passing container ship with the driver in his “gulf” clubs.
The salt water pool is excellent.  My only comment (which I will share on my Yelp and Trip Advisor review) is that it is a little saltier than past pools I have been to…
That’s all for now,
–Crew of s/v Blue Moon
Position Log (each day at 9am):
Delivery – Day Seven

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