We’re on the home stretch for Whale Cay, about 200nm more to go.  The wind is gone and the sea has become glassy.  The sky holds only a few fair weather clouds and the Sun is warm and bright.  Crew are lathering up with SPF and we will, most certainly, have an afternoon dip in the 83-degree water!
The weather forecast has little to no wind for most of the remainder of our passage.  The little that may come will be from the North, and so is directly behind us and unusable.  Looks like most of the sailing portion is behind us. :-(
Looking forward to land showers and flush toilets.  And maybe a few Kaliks and a cheeseburger.
  • Someone contact the authorities, two bottles of Malbec have disappeared from ship’s stores.  Crew members have reported a woman seen aboard with seashell bikini top and a fishy odor.  –And that’s the story we’re all sticking to!
  • Peter’s birthday celebration was one for the record books, it’s a good thing we were in international waters and outside the jurisdiction of and southern states.  Would love to forward pictures but we’ve no internet and will accidentally delete all evidence prior to landfall.
  • Sighted a Portuguese-man-of-war, several actually.  Should make our afternoon swim exciting.
Note to Captain: Any further voyages, where my assistance is required, will necessitate the installation of a platform surrounding the vessel, whereby I can rollerblade while absorbing the sunrise/sunset. Thank you in advance!
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
P.S.  Send word if the zombie apocalypse has arrived.  Please provide a pick-up location for collection and join us as we stay out a little longer, live off the emergency rations and sail to a safe island :)
That’s all for now,
–Crew of s/v Blue Moon
Position Log (each day at 9am):

Delivery – Day Six

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