Last night we turned to cross the Gulf Stream around midnight.  It started out to be somewhat lumpy but the sea soon settled and we’ve been sailing at an enjoyable broad reach under full genny ever since.  The wind is predicted to leave us later tonight and into the early morning, so we’ll likely have to motor most of the remainder of our passage.  Currently our ETA at Whale Cay, the inlet to the Sea of Abaco just a few hours from Marsh Harbor, will be before sunrise Saturday morning.  Once near we’ll hold off and wait for light before heading in.
Food has been great and the company exceptional.  As understudy to the great James Lowden, Colin has stepped up in the galley with tremendous success.  James, aka Cookie, is in NYC for this trip running point for us on land.  Too, he has provided extremely accurate weather information to us daily.  Thank you Jim, it makes all the difference!
Today is a special day of celebration aboard Blue Moon.  Please join us in wishing Colin, Greg, Michael and Jason a very happy un-birthday today.  We’re all enjoying the festivities along with our the favorable sailing conditions.
The long term weather forecast for New York City, however, is another story.  It looks like storm conditions are brewing and, should the planets align as predicted, early next week will deliver storm force winds there… hang on gang!
  • More sea dolphins
  • Bioluminescent sparkling in the bow wave
  • Peter is currently attempting to catch a fish for dinner
MESSAGES FROM THE CREW (the ones not currently sleeping or at the helm):
Happy Birthday, Peter!
In honor of my birthday we have captured one of the NYC wharf rats living in the bilge and are roasting it on an open fire we have built inside the pressure cooker sitting on the foredeck.  Couldn’t ask for better companionship for my 55th birthday.
Barbequed rat will indeed test my skills. Jim, any suggestions?
Proof of life:  ‘Twas brillig and the slivy toves, did gyre and gymbol in the wabe.  All mimsy were the borogoves, and the momraths outgrabe.  No thank you sir, I have had a genteel sufficiency.  Any more would be an unmitigated superfluity.
92 Ohio Street.
Put $50k in a brown paper bag, and drop it at 10:22 pm in the trash can outside the starbucks on the corner of 9th and 15th.
If Greg were available, he might say that sitting watch at 2:00 am, with rain coming down, 18 knots of wind over the starboard quarter, five foot waves lifting the stern of the boat and rolling the hull, is wonderfully peaceful and rejuvenating.
There is something so incredible about sailing at night, the water lit by the moon, the soothing sounds of the ocean, combined with the boat rocking along the waves.
It is overwhelming amazing.  I struggle to find the right adjective to describe it.
This journey has given me a while new appreciation for night sailing.  It is a truly different and beautiful experience; a new type of peace and tranquility.
I hope you all have a chance to one day experience the beauties of a night sail.
That’s all for now,
–Crew of s/v Blue Moon
Position Log (each day at 9am):

Delivery – Day Five

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